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Jeremy Woods' activities and affiliations

Professional Associations:

Member of the Association of Applied Biologists (2003/2004)

Member of the Royal Society’s UK-Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) Working Group.  Appointed May 2001.


Core Research Interests:

Evaluating the interface between the development of the bioenergy sector, sustainable land use and technology development.  Focus on the UK and southern Africa but with interests in India, China and the south Pacific.

Key Appointments:

Co-ordinator of ICSU/SCOPE project "The Sustainable Use of Southern African Savannas"; a concerted action between three EU and five Southern African country partners (01/Oct/98 to present). www.savannas.net

Co-ordinator of UN-FAO project "Framework Development of an International Bioenergy Programme"; a collaboration between the Imperial College London, UN-FAO and Utrecht University (01/Nov/03 to 31/Oct/04).

Co-ordinator of SOPAC project "Biomass Resource Assessment in Six South Pacific Island Nations"; a collaboration between the Imperial College London, BUN and SOPAC (01/Nov/02 to 31/Dec/03).


This work is now being mobilised in collaboration with the FAO through the submission of a Technical Cooperation Programme proposal to fund the expansion of the existing project and training work to a further five small island states and for the development of National Biomass Task Forces in each of the original participating nations.

Researcher for the ‘Cane Resources Network for Southern Africa (CARENSA)’ a four year EU-INCO funded Concerted Action project. www.carensa.net  Research into renewable energy potential from sugarcane in southern Africa, including bioelectricity, bioethanol and heat and the potential environmental impacts that might arise from the enhanced use of sugarcane. (01Sep01 to present)

 Directorships: Technical Director of Themba Technology Ltd, UK. driving the development and installation of integrated renewable energy systems in the UK - primarily solar hot water and biomass. www.thembatech.com (01Sep01 to present).  Technical Director of Tibbio Biofuels Ltd, UK, dedicated to the sustainable collection and conversion of waste vegetable oils for the production of Biodiesel. (01Jan04 to present). 

Lecturer on Imperial College London’s ‘Global Environmental Change & Policy’ MSc. Previously lectured in 'Energy in the Natural Environment' an Environmental Sciences undergraduate course based at King’s College London. Course organiser 2000 to 2002.

           Course organiser and lecturer for 2nd yr undergraduate course on ‘Environmental Contamination and Protection’ (2001 / 2002); King’s College London.     Lecturer on 1st yr undergrad course ‘Human Environmental Resources’ covering the fundamentals on resource availability and use and the prospects for future sustainable development.

Consultant & Systems Analyst Modeller for Common Fund for Commodities Project ‘Demonstrating Increased Resource Use Efficiency in the Sugar Industry of Southern Africa: The Integration of Sweet Sorghum With Sugarcane.’ (01/Aug/97 to 31/May/05)


 Key Experience (inc. relevant Grants):

 By developing two linked but separate research themes i: bioenergy ii) sustainable land use (particularly with reference to southern African savannas) a unique perspective on the socio-economic and environmental impacts of system change (energy and food).  Successful applications for grant funding over the last decade for these activities has been obtained from a range of funding bodies, private, national and international, including: UN-FAO, EU, The Common Fund for Commodities (CFC), UK-DTI, British Sugar, and ERR.